Ibérico de Bellota Tocino Backfat


sold in 1 lb pieces

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Product Description

Iberico de Bellota Back Fat does not have any meat. However what it does have, pure Ibérico de Bellota fat that is infused with the qualities of the bellota (acorns) that it consumes during the montañera. The oil of the fat is wonderfully flavorful, and lends itself to lardo, sautéing and even homemade sausage. The back fat is sold in 1 LB pieces. You will never taste a better back fat.

Maximum size for an entire piece is 2-3LBS (Approx). If you would like to have a larger piece, order the total number of pieces necessary to give you the weight of the single piece you desire, i.e. 3-1 LB pieces would give you a whole 3LB piece and indicate that you would like it in a single piece. We will try to give you the largest piece we have available to fill your order as you specify.


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