Iberico de Bellota Bacon

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Product Description

Smoked Iberico de Bellota belly (panceta) is sold in 1/2LB increments.

We recommend cooking this low and slow, to savor the flavor. Do not cook this as a traditional bacon!

Smoked Iberico belly can be enjoyed as is, similar to the way you would enjoy Lardo. Thinly sliced, lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and a drizzel of Spanish EVOO on a nice baguette, you can really enjoy the smokyness and delicate flavor as the fat melts not only in your mouth, but at room temperature!

Slice it a little thicker for your Iberico de bellota bacon. It can be enjoyed by itself, or in other applications like sandwiches, salads etc. Save the liquid after frying for additional applications where a little smoky iberico flavor is needed.


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