Ibérico de Bellota Chuletero (Bone-In Loin)

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Each whole loin weighs approximately 7 LBS

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The Chuletero cut is the ribs and loin combined. Chuletero gives the chef a cut of meat that is both rich and tender. Additionally, Chuletero is a noble cut in Spain; very juicy and tasteful.


The Iberico pigs eat and roam the beautiful dehesas in southwest Spain. Their diet consists of what they find in their surroundings. During the autumn, native oak trees drop olive shaped acorns and select Ibérico pigs are allowed to gorge themselves on the bellota (acorns). The Ibérico de bellota pigs are produced to a quota to ensure that the breed is sustainable and production won’t exceed demand.

The whole loin contains the rack and the loin.

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Weight 10 lbs


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