"OVEN-READY" Shenandoah Turkey

"OVEN-READY" Shenandoah Turkey

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"OVEN-READY" antibiotic free, Shenandoah Turkey
Washed, dried and rubbed with seasoned butter, stuffed with mire-poix, served in a roasting dish.

Turkeys are sold by the EACH according to the suggested serving size. 

Please order according to the chart below:

 Serving Size         Turkey Size 
  3-4 people         (min. 8 lb. turkey)  
  5-6 people         (min. 10 lb. turkey)  
  6-8 people         (min. 12 lb. turkey)
  9-10 people       (min. 14 lb. turkey)  
 11-12 people       (min. 16 lb. turkey)
 12-13 people      (min. 18 lb. turkey)  
 14-15 people      (min. 20 lb. turkey)  
 15-16 people      (min. 22 lb. turkey)
 16-17 people      (min. 24 lb. turkey)

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