Ibérico de Bellota Secreto

Ibérico de Bellota Secreto

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'Hidden' between the shoulder, rib, and fatback lies the 'secret' shoulder muscle cut of the Ibérico de Bellota heritage pig. It take a very precise butcher to cut this proprietary cut of Ibérico de Bellota pork, as it is critical that the proportion of meat to fat is perfect. This cut takes very well to a quick sear in a heavy pan.

During the fattening season or montañera, Ibérico pigs feast almost exclusively on fallen acorns (known as bellota) and wild herbs. Because of the Ibérico pig’s natural diet and its unique ability to process and store fat, Ibérico de Bellota pork contains over 70% monounsaturated fat — making it high in “good cholesterol” or HDLs. High levels of “good cholesterol” have been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease. For a complete breakdown of what makes this heritage pig so speical, visit Wagshal's Imports

Served with a side of Wagshal's own Chimmichurri Sauce.

Call Pam the Butcher with any questions about preparing Ibérico de Bellota Secreto at (202) 363-5698 extension 2.

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