"ALL NATURAL" Shenandoah Turkey

"ALL NATURAL" Shenandoah Turkey

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"ALL NATURAL" antibiotic free, Shenandoah Turkey

Ready for you to season according to your own "Family Recipe"!

Turkeys are sold by the EACH according to the suggested serving size. 

Please order according to the chart below:

 Serving Size         Turkey Size 
  3-4 people         (min. 8 lb. turkey)  
  5-6 people         (min. 10 lb. turkey)  
  6-8 people         (min. 12 lb. turkey)
  9-10 people       (min. 14 lb. turkey)  
 11-12 people       (min. 16 lb. turkey)
 12-13 people      (min. 18 lb. turkey)  
 14-15 people      (min. 20 lb. turkey)  
 15-16 people      (min. 22 lb. turkey)
 16-17 people      (min. 24 lb. turkey)

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